About SOTAtraders.com

SOTAtraders is a market place web site in support of Shroud of the Avatar, by Portalarium.

Background: It was after R32 of Shroud of the Avatar that it happened. The "Soft Release" (ie, Persistence) had happened. I spent many days leveling up, collecting everything that dropped and sticking it in my bank. Close to the time when I could choose my lot and drop my house, my bank was bulging at the seams. Raw materials, refined components, furniture, rugs...you name it, I had it. When I had the chance to drop my vendor, he was going to be stuffed to the gills; and I would be rolling in the cash. (or so I thought).

Finally, placement day happened. Long story short, mad dash, many swears, a death off a cliff, a frantic search for an Ankh, ending up at the very last available village lot in Brittany Fields. Days of decorating followed. And finally, time to stock my vendor for my store's grand opening.

That's when I ran into the trouble...

I had dozens of items to sell. And absolutely no idea what the going rates for these items were. I could guesstimate, but what if I were too high, and scared away the very few customers that actually found my shop? So I ran around. A lot. I looked on the main street vendors. I looked on the back street vendors. I looked at vendors that were little more than shrivelled up husks, begging for sunlight and the company of a customer. I saw prices. So many prices. I saw prices that were insanely low. I saw prices that were ludicrously high. There was little rhyme or reason to it.

That's when I got to thinking. "Wouldn't it be nice to somehow see what the going rates for an item were, across a number of stores? Wouldn't it be nice to see the lowest and highest selling prices for Silver Ore, and even the median price?" Yes, I thought...that WOULD be nice! And thus was born the idea for SOTAtraders.com; this web site.

This web site is community driven, and allows members to enter their character home/store placements into the SOTAtraders database. Members can also manage the store inventory by adding items to their store(s), and setting the selling prices. The site is not meant to track live quantities at any given store. Rather, it allows members to list the products they gather, create, collect and stock, along with the prices that they sell those items for.

Members can view the aggregated data on the main page, which displays the NPC Buy back and Selling Price (if available on an NPC vendor), what the lowest and highest prices are per item, as well as the calculated median price for an item. This data is searchable by several dozen criteria ranging from item source to item sub-type.

Members can also view the contents of other member stores. The list can be filtered by Town, as well as all the filtering features from the aggregated data on the main page. This view allows a member to view *ALL* player vendors in an area; not just the vendors closest to the main entrance.

Because community interaction is key to this site, members have the ability to notify the staff of any changes. New items can be added. Incorrect items can be updated. Old, obsolete items no longer in the game can be removed. Recipes can be added or updated. Members police the data, and once the data is verified, the database is updated; keeping the information fresh and correct.

So, I invite you to visit the site often. Become a member. Spread the word. Help make SOTAtraders.com the premiere site for the Shroud of the Avatar in-game vendor market place.

Web Site Statistics

  • 1667 Active Items in the Database.
  • 1234 Active Recipes in the Database.

Development of the Site


  • Database Tables, Views & Stored Procedures created
  • Web Site Hosted
  • Domain Purchased
  • Aggregated list of items (compiled from several sources on the internet) added to the database
  • Items in the database are listed, along with NPC buy and sell prices, as well as low, high and median prices
  • Ability to create a User Account added
  • Ability to log into the site added
  • Ability to update your account Email Address and Password added
  • Ability to add your SotA Character to your account added
  • Ability to add/edit/delete the location(s) of your home/store lot added
  • Ability to create a group/guild added
  • Ability to join an existing group/guild added
  • Group owner(s) can now administrate their group (add/remove members, adjust permissions)
  • Ability to add/update/delete items from your store inventory added
  • Ability to view other members' stores added
  • Ability to add/update/delete items in the master list (moderated by the site administrator)
  • Recipe(s) for items will now be listed, along with the costs of the components belonging to the recipe
  • Ability to add/update recipes added
  • Administrators can approve or reject item changes
  • Administrators can approve or reject recipe changes
  • Ability for members to place orders with other members' stores.
  • Ability for members to manage incoming and outgoing orders from their store.
  • Refined the recipe costing functions to provide Low, High and Median costs for components.
  • Added Butchery Recipes.
  • Added Milling Recipes.
  • Added Smelting Recipes.
  • Added Tanning Recipes.
  • Added Textiles Recipes.
  • Added Alchemy Recipes.
  • Added Cooking Recipes.
  • Added Carpentry Recipes.
  • Added Tailoring Recipes.
  • Added Blacksmithing Recipes.
  • Verified & updated Item NPC prices.
  • Updated/added items not currently in the database.
  • Ability to add multiple characters to your account.
  • Added regional information to applicable recipes.
  • Added Required Proficiency to Learn/Use recipes.
  • Added Properties to applicable Items.
  • Added field to Town table to mark a town as "Capitol" of its region. (Capitols have more/better vendors and makes for easy finding of recipes).
  • Added an NPC Vendor table containing the vendor's name, town and location.
  • Added a list of the recipes each NPC vendor sells, along with the price each recipe is sold for.
  • Added a SOTA API call to get NPC Vendor prices for items bought/sold/crafted (this occurs once every hour).
  • Added "Teachability" (Not Teachable, Teachable or Re-Teachable) to all recipes.
  • Updated all recipes to reflect the new "Level Required" (as opposed to "Proficiency Required", which no longer exists).
  • Updated information to reflect R50 (minus dropped Barbarian recipes, which will be added when I, or anyone comes across them and adds them to the site).
  • Added the ability for the administrator to more easily assign recipes sold by vendors.
  • Added the ability to list actual Items (not just recipes) sold by vendors.
  • Added the ability for members to copy price lists from one of their stores to another.


Still Waiting For

  • SOTA API method for detecting prices for items added to Player Vendors.

Updating Prices...